Discounts are a proven method, precisely because they cater to customer games and additional promises. Why is this proven method not more prevalent? Discounts increase the complexity of price formation processes and increase administrative costs and complexity. In fact, for most businesses, there are variable costs for discounts. The packing units are created to group several types of packages created to calculate the discount. But in this case, we have created only one type of condition. In many cases, a manufacturer may have volume, mix and growth reductions with the distributor, have volume discounts with the end user, and pay Ship-Debit fees on the same transactions. The net price of these sales would be calculated minus all discounts. Second, the discount for the sales organization is enabled THE GL accounts configured in the account search (vKOA tcode) generates the next booking, in which the debitor/destination is debited and the revenue account is credited. I tried the SQVI to get everything except demarcation values? Please help avoid any measure that generates pressure on prices down is a very good reason to use discounts. But if a vendor`s organization has problems with managing, managing or analyzing discounts, these tactical pricing options are not available to them or more problems than they are worth. A reduction audit of the drug manufacturer contains an in-depth analysis that closely examines the rebate agreements between PBM and drug manufacturers.

A typical discount audit will be for the five to ten largest manufacturers that enter into a contract with PBM, based on the dollar value of pharmaceutical rebates, which generally corresponds to 50% to 75% of all rebates charged. Special discounts often determine which manufacturers are tested because of the high dollar.