Yesterday we reviewed paragraphs 1 to 7 of the Residential Real Estate Listing Agreement Exclusive Right of Sale used by Texas REALTORS® to list your home for sale. Today we will look at paragraphs 8 to 16 of the rating agreement and we will continue tomorrow with paragraphs 17 until the end. If you have any questions, please contact one of our real estate agents and they will be happy to help. With an exclusive-authorized offer, a broker is designated as the seller`s sole representative and has the exclusive right to represent the property. The broker receives a commission, regardless of who sells the property, while the listing agreement is in effect. For example, an agent listing lists a house, but it cannot be sold. The seller decides to continue and use another ad agent. The original agent has a buyer who loves the house and wants to make an offer. Although the original agent knows the seller`s situation, payment information and more, he cannot share it with his buyer.

This information was confidential. No no. Under no circumstances should a licensee attempt to prepare a rental agreement. Since there is no contract form for the lease for licensees in accordance with the requirements of the Real Estate Licensing Act, a lawyer must prepare the agreement. Once you have chosen an agent, you will sign a list agreement with them. The list agreement defines the specific conditions under which you use them as an agent. Special provisions of the contract allow you to write terms or conditions that the seller wishes to comply with so that you can accept the terms of the overall contract. This is the language that is typical of what I usually include in the Special Provisions section. Everything related to the list should be mentioned here. In addition to the items listed, I often pieces photos of the listing for my seller to sign, as well as an exhibition I wrote, indicating who is in charge of the maintenance of lawns and utilities.

You hire a REALTOR to help you sell your home, but what happens if you sell your home? Sometimes sellers are really lucky and a friend, neighbour or family member would like to buy their home after signing a list contract. This happiness should not translate into a simple commission for the agent, which is why you should always include a provision that describes exactly what will happen in this scenario. There are two factors to consider. First, in the listing agreement between the seller and the listing agent, the seller agreed to sell the property at the stated price. Technically, if a willing, willing and able buyer submits an offer for the list price advertised in the MLS and the seller refuses or cannot accept the offer because the seller cannot cover the difference, the exchange broker`s tax has been earned and is payable. Second, REALTOR® members are required to comply with Article 12 of the Code of Ethics, which requires realTORS® to be honest and truthful in their communication and to give a real image in their ads at all times.