Rental statements are kept for two reasons: to comply with tax legislation and to allow the lessor to defend himself, a former tenant should one day take legal action for breach of the lease. After a certain period of time set by state law, a former tenant will no longer be able to sue you in court and, with limited exceptions, the IRS will no longer verify old tax returns. Answer: From a legal point of view, when buying rented property, you walk in the footsteps of the previous owner and are bound by the rental agreement. If it`s month-to-month, you can give 30 days` notice to change the terms, including the rent increase. If the rent is increased by more than 10% compared to the previous year, 60 days` notice must be served. Submit any agreements between you and your tenant in writing. The agreement must also be signed and dated by both parties. While some oral agreements may be binding, the terms actually agreed upon are much more difficult to prove. At Green Residential, we have decades of experience in managing real estate for homeowners like you who don`t have time to stay involved in the boredom of paperwork and other organizational challenges. We take care of everything from tenant review and rent collection to maintenance, repairs and even accounting. Contact us today to find out how we can help you manage your rental properties. The concepts of lease and lease are often used synonymously, but are very different. Leases offer more flexibility for landlords and tenants, leases offer more stability.

Learn the main differences between these two types of housing. These documents are useful if you need to assess the value of your property or see how much you have spent as a homeowner on repairs….