The US-Mexico tomato agreement is a trade agreement between the two countries that governs the importation of fresh tomatoes into the United States. The agreement was first established in 1996 and has been renewed several times since then. Under the agreement, Mexican tomato growers are required to adhere to certain quality, safety, and price standards in order to sell their products in the United States.

The agreement was originally established to address concerns from American tomato growers that Mexican imports were undercutting their prices and were of lower quality. The two countries negotiated a set of rules that aimed to level the playing field for American growers and create a fair market for both countries. In addition to quality and safety standards, the agreement also set minimum prices for Mexican tomatoes in order to prevent them from being sold for below-market value.

The US-Mexico tomato agreement has been beneficial for both countries, as it has allowed for increased trade and offered consumers in the United States access to fresh, high-quality tomatoes year-round. Mexican growers have benefited from increased access to the US market and have been able to sell their products at a fair price. American growers have also been able to continue to compete in the market and have not been forced out of business by cheaper imports.

The agreement has not been without its challenges, however. Mexican growers have at times been accused of violating the terms of the agreement by selling tomatoes below the minimum price or failing to meet quality and safety standards. American growers have also at times claimed that they are still being undercut by Mexican imports despite the agreement.

In 2019, the US and Mexico reached a new agreement on tomato imports that updated and strengthened the existing rules. Under the new agreement, Mexican growers will be required to pay higher inspection fees to ensure their products meet US quality and safety standards. The agreement also sets new minimum prices for Mexican tomatoes and establishes a dispute resolution process in the event of any violations.

The US-Mexico tomato agreement is an important trade agreement that has helped to create a fair market for fresh tomatoes in both countries. While it has not been without its challenges, the agreement has ultimately been beneficial for growers and consumers alike. By establishing clear standards for quality and price, the agreement has helped to ensure that Mexican imports do not undercut American growers and that consumers have access to high-quality products year-round.