The designated shareholder goes hand in hand with the hiring of a designated director. The designated shareholder is used to conceal the identity of the actual shareholder. Since the participation of companies is very sensitive, a designated shareholder must sign a declaration of confidence certifying that the effective shareholder has full ownership while the candidate represents you. It is very important to write this statement carefully with the help of offshore bank account advisors to ensure that you work within the law and that you remain protected by the nominee. Some people may pay you a premium to buy a stock. It depends on how the new shareholder evaluates your business. Although it pays 1000 HK for a share in your business, HK 999 is a premium. It buys only one share and entitles it to only 1 right to vote. Issued Equity Existing shareholders may choose new investors. You can „issue” (or „assign” shares) to new investors. Shares can be issued at face value or a surcharge.

Only the issued share capital is considered to be a freed-up capital. The Nominee agreement will be signed with clients to protect the economic beneficiary`s rights over corporate real estate and income distribution No. However, please note that any member of the Board of Directors or supervisory board is fully responsible, whether or not they are acting as a candidate. The Power of Attorney (POA) is an agreement between you and the nominated director, they will represent it or act in your company. After this POA, the nominated director can`t do anything unless he receives your instructions. Our Nominee services are designed to provide a solution to customers who, for commercial reasons, must keep their business ownership in Hong Kong confidential. From a quick online search, you`ll discover that there are a whole range of professional service providers, or if you know someone who is willing to be appointed as a nominee director or shareholder, you can do so. Shareholders are those who have the ultimate control over a limited company. Directors are employees/agents of the company.

The power of the directors comes from the shareholders. A designated shareholder cannot be appointed to public LCs. If the shares of a private LLC are registered in a securities register, a designated shareholder may also be named for shares of a private LLC. In the meantime, the appointment of a shareholder nominee and a nominee director generally go hand in hand, as information provided by a company`s directors and shareholders is publicly available. If you do not have a particular need to protect certain information, it would be easier to integrate the actual information of the director and shareholders, given the efforts it takes to nominate a candidate, combined with the total anonymity of the final beneficiaries or the protection of candidates. Our shareholder nominee service ensures that the shares of our Hong Kong Company customers are registered more fiduciaryly on behalf of our nominated shareholder company, so that our client`s name is not visible as the owner of the shares in the public registers of the trade register. It should be noted that the use of nominated services must be disclosed to all banks when opening bank accounts in Hong Kong and our client must participate in the bank`s account opening meeting with the designated manager. There are no restrictions on the appointment of appointed shareholders and directors. It should be noted that, under Nigerian corporate law, the person whose name is on the membership register is recognized as the rightful owner of the company`s shares. Our Director Nominee Service provides for a person to be appointed to the position of Designated Director of the Company.

The name of the designated director will appear in the public registers of the business register as director of the company.